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Half Day Overhaul

Up to a four hour in-person consultation no matter where you are in the UK.

Begin to nip all of your dogs issues in the bud in a single session.

Behaviour Modification and Management plan for you to refer back to.

Access to a number of tutorial videos and handouts specific to reactive and anxious dogs

£340 - Half Day Overhaul

Covering England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Are you tired of living with fear or frustration?


You probably dread dog walks. You’re petrified about who you might run into, and what your dog's reaction might be. Their unpredictability can make days out with them a disaster waiting to happen, and family members may refuse to walk them at all for fear of their behaviour.


If your dog is anxious, you may be concerned about their wellbeing. You’re constantly on edge about people coming into your house, or worried how they’re going to respond to a veterinary consultation. You can see how scared they are, and that can leave you feeling hopeless.

Your dog has so many fantastic traits, but none of them matter when you're faced with their time-consuming issues.


You love your dog, but this isn’t the dog you wanted. This isn’t uncommon - hundreds of caregivers across Dorset used to feel the same way.


You can still attain your Ideal Dog. 


Helga's Testimonial

'Helga came overseas from Romania, and was incredibly frightened of other dogs and people. We were petrified of letting people into our house as she'd bark and lunge at them.'

You can be equipped with the tools needed to modify your dog's behaviour and turn both your lives around. Our Behavioural Modification programmes are designed for you to take the reins. You can finally have the stress-free life you’ve dreamed of with your dog, which will include;

No more barking, lunging and snarling at dogs or people

No more chasing cyclists or runners

No more reactions to being touched by family members or pet professionals

No more responding aggressively to people entering the house

No more stress or anxiety in new places

No more guarding objects, food or people

Hundreds of caregivers have been in your position, and have felt the fear and stress that radiates inside you when you think about your dog's future. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And you can reach it.

Let's get you your Ideal Dog.

How does it work?

Here is a step by step breakdown of how training with me works, and how we'll work towards you attaining your Ideal Dog.


Step 1


Download this handy e-book which will kickstart your dogs training before we have our session.

Step 2


Fill out my contact form (located here) with some basic information about you and your dog's needs. From there, we’ll chat on the phone to arrange an initial consultation date, time and location.

Step 3

Payment/Terms and Conditions

Step 4

You’ll be sent an online invoice to be paid via bank transfer, alongside our terms and conditions. Payment must be sent at least seventy-two hours before the consultation takes place, 


I’ll email you a list of things you will need and expectations I will have for our consultation. You can also ask me any questions you’d like so we can make sure the consultation runs as smoothly as possible..

Step 5


We’ll have our hours consultation, where you’ll come away buzzing with the knowledge of how to change your dog's behaviour. You will most likely have seen results in the consultation itself, and your understanding of why your dog behaves the way that they do will be changed forever.

Step 6

Follow Up

I’ll send over your training plan as well as any handouts/tutorial videos that are relevant to your dog.

Step 7

Next Steps!

From there we’ll discuss which one of my training programmes or classes will suit your continued needs. Some of my students only have one session and their issues are sorted, but most opt to continue working with me so we can hone in on their Ideal Dog. Click here for information on some of the classes I run.

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