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The Dorset Dog Trainer

Nosework and Behaviour Modification Specialist
Covers Southbourne, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wimborne and Poole
Dog trainer with dog in Dorset


I'm Jack, and I'm the Dorset Dog Trainer. For the past six years, my mission has been to help dog owners in Dorset achieve one simple goal - creating their Ideal Dog.

You're most likely at your wits end with your dogs behaviour. Most caregivers feel overwhelmed and stressed with their dogs. This isn't what you signed up for, and you may be feeling like you're failing your dog.

But this isn't true.

Imagine being able to enjoy walks with your dog without fear and stress. Imagine being able to trust your dog around people and other dogs. Imagine being able to give your dog a job they are born to do. All of this is possible.

Training your Ideal Dog

Your ‘Ideal Dog’ is the vision you had of your dog before they arrived in your home. They are exactly what you would want out of your four legged friend. It may seem impossible to achieve such a feat, especially with all of your dogs training and behavioural issues.

With proper training, anything is possible.

Utilising cutting edge techniques, we’ll work together to help you conquer any issues you’re facing with your dog. We'll eliminate any loose lead walking or recall issues, reduce anxiety and reactivity towards people and dogs, and turn your dog into a Nosework superstar.


Ready to solve your dogs problems? Click the appropriate links down below and let’s get your learning journey started


Over six hundred dogs trained...

I've worked with hundreds of dogs and caregivers to help them create their Ideal Dog. Over the years I've trained assistance dogs for disabled people, attended over five-hundred hours of continued professional development, and became accredited with a number of high standing organisations. These include:

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...let's make your dog six hundred and one.
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