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1-2-1 Training 

One Hour Consultation at a location relevant to your dog's issues

Personalised Training Plan that builds on what you've learned

Email check-ins for 2 weeks post consultation

Access to fantastic tutorial videos and handouts

Covering Bournemouth, Southbourne, Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne and Ferndown

£65 - Initial Consultation 

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You can conquer your dogs training issues.


Owning a dog should be one of the best experiences of your life. But, right now, it probably isn’t.


Dog walks are stressful - your dog ignores you when you call, much preferring to chase other dogs, people or squirrels. They might pull your arm out of your socket while on lead, and barely pay you any mind in busy places. Walks have quickly become a chore to do.


Home might not be much better. Your dog might jump on you when you return home, or constantly harass visitors. They may struggle to settle at night and demand your attention. They might snatch various objects in your home and refuse to give them up.

How do you go about fixing these concerns? Your dog has hundreds of fantastic traits, but your quality of life shouldn’t be impacted by a few solvable training issues.. At the moment, you probably don’t have your Ideal Dog.


But all of these training issues can be fixed. You can get your Ideal Dog. You just need some guidance.

Cooper's Testimonial

'Cooper refused to come back when being walked, and would dash through gates and towards busy main roads. We were terrified he would disappear. We dreaded dog walks'

You can be equipped with the skills necessary to eliminate your dog's training issues and make your Ideal Dog a reality. Utilising a bespoke Personalised Training Plan, you'll attain a dog who can;

Rocket back immediately when called

Walk nicely on lead, no matter the environment

Constantly engage with you when out on a walk

Wait calmly while people enter the house

Settle in the home and in cafes/restaurants

Give up stolen items

I've worked with hundreds of caregivers just like you over my six year career, and they've all been able to attain their Ideal Dog.  You can do the same. All you need is some guidance, determination and a desire to learn.

Ready to achieve your training goals?

How does it work?

Here is a step by step breakdown of how training with me works, and how we'll work towards you attaining your Ideal Dog.


Step 1


Download this handy e-book which will kickstart your dogs training before we have our session.

Step 2


Fill out my contact form (located here) with some basic information about you and your dog's needs. From there, we’ll chat on the phone to arrange an initial consultation date, time and location.

Step 3

Payment/Terms and Conditions

Step 4

You’ll be sent an online invoice to be paid via bank transfer, alongside our terms and conditions. Payment must be sent at least seventy-two hours before the consultation takes place, 


I’ll email you a list of things you will need and expectations I will have for our consultation. You can also ask me any questions you’d like so we can make sure the consultation runs as smoothly as possible..

Step 5


We’ll have our hours consultation, where you’ll come away buzzing with the knowledge of how to change your dog's behaviour. You will most likely have seen results in the consultation itself, and your understanding of why your dog behaves the way that they do will be changed forever.

Step 6

Follow Up

I’ll send over your training plan as well as any handouts/tutorial videos that are relevant to your dog.

Step 7

Next Steps!

From there we’ll discuss which one of my training programmes or classes will suit your continued needs. Some of my students only have one session and their issues are sorted, but most opt to continue working with me so we can hone in on their Ideal Dog. Click here for information on some of the classes I run.

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