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Online Nosework 



For four weeks of classes.

Two classes included:

-Practical classes where youre taught in real time.

-Video review to receive bespoke feedback.


Private Facebook group

For bespoke feedback

Perfect for

Reactive Dogs

Anxious Dogs

Nervous Dogs

Dogs who need jobs

Bespoke learning no matter where you are in the world!

Two classes per week on Zoom - one on teaching practical skills and one for video reviews.

Combination of three Nosework disciplines - Scentwork, Tracking and Mantrailing.

Immediate value. See your dog blossom in confidence and capability after just one week!

Dog doing Tracking class in Dorset

Your dog deserves to do Nosework.


Over thousands of years, dogs have been bred to perform specific roles. These jobs have been tailored to focus on their best asset - their nose. From drug detection dogs, tracking dogs and search and rescue superstars, our dogs have used their noses to help us out for generations.


These instincts can work against us, however. Your dog may chase down small animals, pull you from one smell to the next, and refuse to engage with you on dog walks. 


Your dog might be anxious or reactive. They might be lacking in confidence around people and other dogs, and struggle to cope with day to day life. You might have tried attending classes with your dog, but found that they just can’t cope with the stress of that environment.  


But those instincts are the answer to getting your Ideal Dog.


Accessing these skills could prove a challenge. Or it did.

Enter Online Nosework Classes! Over a four week period, youll join students from across the world in learning the ultimate skillset for reducing your dogs behavioural concerns.


Your Ideal Dog is possible. All you need is Ultimate Nosework!

Rocket's Testimonial

'Rocket is extremely fearful of all unknown dogs. If one comes into his space, he will bark, lunge and sometimes snap to make them go away.'

Ultimate Nosework is a style of teaching designed to use your dog's nose to improve your quality of life. Focusing on three core Nosework disciplines - Mantrailing, Tracking and Scentwork -  you’ll learn the skills necessary to turn your dog into a sniffing superstar. You'll have a dog who will;

Search wide open areas to find items as small as a coin

Find 'missing people' in a variety of different environments

Be less reactive and anxious in class environments

Track human scent to locate 'stolen' articles

Respond and engage with you far more on dog walks

Get to use their instincts in a stress free and productive manner

Whether your dog is a sniffing fiend or you're looking for an activity that is accessible to anxious and reactive dogs, Ultimate Nosework will provide you everything you'll need to improve your dogs quality of life.

Online classes are an incredible way to access incredible learning no matter where you are in the world. Purchasing these classes gurantees you:

Two Zoom classes per week that are recorded - so if you cant make it live youll still get access!

Access a private Facebook group where you can post videos and ask limitless questions!

Tutorial videos and exercises you can keep forever!

In-depth video feedback. Ill review your training videos and help you reach 

Learn from people across the world - From America to Canada to Australia!

The opportunity to continue onto an advanced class that includes a free online 1-2-1 to plan your learning journey.


Ready to begin your Nosework Journey?

Jude's Testimonial

Jude's mix of pain and health problems, traumatic vet experiences, and lack of human and canine socialisation early on means he finds the world a very scary place. He is particularly wary of people and dogs invading his personal space.
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