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Dog being trained in Dorset

Who Am I?

Jack Fenton

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Choosing a dog trainer to help with your training or behavioural issue can be tricky.  Here's a little breakdown about me so you can determine if I am the right type of trainer for you.

  • BSc Psychology and Continued Professional Development   

For over six years I have extensively studied both human and canine development and behaviour. I'm currently working towards my Bsc in Psychology, and have over five-hundred hours of continued professional development on topics such as recall and loose lead walking, reactive and anxious dogs, nosework and more.

Over my six year career, I've worked with over six hundred dogs of different breeds, ages and abilities. I'm an expert in working with Gundog breeds, and have trained as many breeds as you can think of. 

I've not just worked with pet dogs - I've rehabilitated severely reactive dogs via my behavioural programmes, worked with sports dog handlers to get their dogs ready for Nosework competitions, and spent my early career training over one hundred assistance dogs for disabled people.

  • Experienced and Diverse

My work has recognised by my peers and by my students. I won an Animal Star Award in 2020, and have lectured for a variety of dog training organisations including the Dog Training College and Pet Professional Network. I have been asked to speak at dog training conferences, performed at pet shows such as Discover Dogs, and have written extensive works for magazines and websites such as Dogs Today.

  • Award Winning

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